Kim K See Through Shirt

Kim K See Through Shirt

Meanwhile, many stars on the design of fashion try – some successful, others less successful. A Kim K See Through Shirt headline in the press is a new collection of a star but always worth. It is particularly striking that many rappers fashion design.

As one of the first rappers P. Diddy founded the label Sean John, which may present themselves in 1998 at fashion week in New York. This fashion style is a touch of streetwear and hip hop – what consumers currently much love, if they want to dress modern and casual at the same time. Also present at the fashion week is likely the label “Rapper Dw by Kanye West”.

Kim K See Through Shirt

Kim K See Through Shirt : Rock-chic, Streetwear and hip hop

The experts were impressed by this label. It’s a kind of rock-chic combined with streetwear. The reason why so many rappers could deal design from fashion with the subject be that fashion in the hip hop culture plays a very large role. The fashion of the 1980s, which was carried by the hip hop fans, is not comparable with what is today supported by the insiders.

Kim K See Through Shirt : Combination of sports and luxury brands

Kim K See Through Shirt means that not only some styles from the 1980s in the context of women’s clothing are trendy again, as leather, the miniskirt and the wearing of scarves, but just the hip hop culture could revive itself, so to speak, with styles, which are up-to-date and modern. Hoodies, baggy pants (very wide, deep-seated pants) and head coverings like baseball caps are today is back in fashion. Today brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Reebok, adidas, Lacoste and Nike are worn in contrast to earlier by the members of the hip hop culture very much. It is a mixture of luxury brands and brands at the now worn hip hop fashion. It is very important for the hip hop style that the logos are clearly visible.

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